History of Women in Philanthropy

While philanthropic funding dedicated solely to women-focused programs and organizations has, for many years, suffered in comparison to other efforts and movements, the history of women philanthropists in Central New York is, both literally and figuratively, a rich one.

Their lives are fascinating, their stories are compelling, their accomplishments are legendary, their contributions are immense, and their legacies continue to endure and to enrich our lives!

By Gregg Tripoli, Executive Director, Onondaga Historical Association

Women have a long history of philanthropy in Syracuse and Central New York. Women who saw a need to support and...

(1828 – 1918)

Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage led a fascinating life of ironic extremes: from serious poverty to immense wealth and from...

(1873 – 1953)

Rosamond Gifford was definitely an enigma. Her attorney father, William, and her mother separated when Rosamond was...

(1859 – 1941)

Helen was the daughter of Giles Everson, who was the son of John Everson, a Revolutionary War soldier and one of the...

(1843 - 1947)

Mary’s interests were centered on the advancement of education and drama. She was a lecturer, author, and poet and she...

(1825 – 1909)

Margaret was an educated woman and was a graduate of the Troy Female Seminary, later known as the Emma Willard School (...

The Women's Fund of Central New York is a component fund of the Central New York Community Foundation.

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